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We stumbled on the latest pound of baloney (below) on photog Gary Marlon Suson, and one of the court cases he lost while trying to silence a newspaper that exposed him: the NY POST.

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In case you cannot read the text in this image, we will paste it here [emphasis added]:

"( - Being a Supreme Court Judge in New York City comes with great responsibility and even more so when reviewing cases involving the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center; a subject near and dear in the hearts of native New Yorkers. So, when the libel case of Gary Suson vs. The New York Post [...] Author information Ground_zero FDNY Firefighter Rudy Sanfilippo, the former union bigwig for the Uniformed Firefighter's Association stated in depositions that he was very pleased with all the fundraising Suson did for the UFA and that he met or exceeded all of the expectations placed upon him. Suson, an Honorary Battalion Chief in the FDNY continues to run the Ground Zero Museum Workshop in NYC's Meatpacking District, which was just ranked in the "Top 25 Museums in the USA" by Trip Advisor. Mr. Suson is currently unsalaried at GZMW."

We clicked all of the links in this blog in an attempt to learn more about this blogger, whose only identity seems to be "Wardblawg." No luck. So we copied and pasted the URL provided on the top of this blog. It took us here:

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Wardblawg, now Ground_zero?

As we scrolled down the page, we came across this:

So, if you only glance at this box, you come away thinking that Ground_zero is Rudy Sanfilippo, the "former union bigwig for the Uniformed Firefighter's Association."

Reality translation: union bigwig = one time union Trustee.

Filling in the blanks for the reader, Gary Suson claims that Rudy Sanfilippo was the person who authorized his title: 'Official Photographer at Ground Zero for the Uniformed Firefighters Association.'

There's just one problem: Rudy Sanfilippo might as well declared Gary Suson was the Pope: a Trustee has no authority to make this appointment.

And what do those who had the authority to make an appointment, the union President(s), say?

Kevin Gallagher, who was the UFA President from 1996 to July 2002, testified that he did not know Suson, he did not appoint him the official photographer, and the UFA has never had an official photographer. Gallagher also disputed that he signed the April 15, 2002 letter (see the Decision) and says the signature on the letter is an unauthorized stamp of his signature. The other signatory to the letter, Peter Gorman, UFOA President, testified that he told Suson that he never authorized him to be the official photographer for the UFOA and that it never had an official photographer.

On April 30, 2005, Michael Block, the general counsel of the UFA, sent Suson a "cease and desist" letter demanding that Suson "immediately cease and desist from referring to yourself or representing yourself as the "official photographer" for the Uniformed Fighters Association in any context."

Judge Hagler cites this very testimony in his decision against Suson.

Lastly, let's examine another claim in the text of this last blog [emphasis added]:

"What the good Judge Shlomo Hagler failed to view in the supporting documents and take into account was an alarming letter written to Gary Suson by UFA Attorney Michael Block on November 16, 2006. In that letter, Attorney Block wrote, "As general counsel for the Uniformed Firefighter's Association, we have been asked to return the enclosed checks that you sent to the Widow's & Children's Fund...They thought it best to return your donations." Suson had been "caught in the middle of an internal struggle in the UFA" (Daily News) and it was clear that the UFA did not wish any proceeds from Ground Zero Museum Workshop or Gary Suson to go to its Widow's & Children's Fund yet Suson was shockingly admonished in Hagler's decision for "not donating" to a fund that didn't want any donations."

For the reader, this is an attempt to rewrite another finding of fact by Judge Hagler: The NY POST stories also revealed that Suson had given only a few hundred dollars to the union's widows and orphans fund, even though he had raked in more than $61,000 for pictures he took at Ground Zero and had pledged to give money he got from those photos to the charity.

Story here:

Judge Hagler tells us the real story about the returned checks in his decision, under the title 'Minimal Donations to UFA's Charity' [emphasis added]:

"On August 30, 2005, Suson provided Fagen with a "thank you" note from the UFA regarding a $100 donation "from book sales," along with 9 checks written by various individuals to the UFA's Widows and Children's Fund related to their purchase of Suson's book. Those sums added up to $525 in total donations, which seemed to Fagen to be a "nominal amount."

The reader will note: the checks to the UFA that were returned were written by 'various individuals,' not Gary Suson. Gary Suson wrote one (1) check... for $100.00: it too, was returned to him.

We make no claim as to the identity of the author of these blogs, but we wonder if the link (see above) on the bottom of the blog to the Zerve Ground Zero Museum Workshop ticket sale page might give the reader a clue?

Well, it's another matter for you, the reader, to decide.

Rudy Sanfilippo

Gary Suson

Peter Gorman

Kevin Gallagher

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