Odd Behavior?

Gary Suson, a.k.a Gary Marlon Suson, a.k.a Marlon Suson, founder of the Ground Zero Museum Workshop in the Meatpacking district and the website, is no different than many other people who have found themselves suddenly thrust into the role of being a limited public figure: his behavior can focus unwanted attention upon himself. With the ever-widening scope of the internet, and its endless multitude of databases, communications that are made in haste can often come back to haunt. A simple Google search of Gary Suson brings up some surprising results. Odd behavior by Suson? Well, that's up to you, the reader, to decide.

Gary Suson

Gary Suson vs. Wired NY

Angered by the opinions posted by members of the message board Wired NY, Suson engages in a verbal battle with the members and administrators.


A poster named "Schadenfrau" inadvertently starts the ruckus with this comment:

"Gary Suson, the man who runs that museum, is generally considered a liar and a scam artist. He has long been at odds with the Uniformed Firefighters Association for claiming that he was the FDNY's "official photographer," when there is no such title.

His "museum" is far from authorized."

Little does Schadenfrau know, but Gary Suson is obsessed with self-promotion, and performs frequent Google searches looking for mentions of his name. A week later, Suson finds the reference, joins the site's membership ranks, and posts the following retort:

"Dear Schadenfrau: This is Gary Suson, the Official Photographer at Ground Zero for the Uniformed Firefighters Association. I am also an Honorary Battalion Chief, appointed on January 22, 2004 at FDNY Headquarters by the Commisioner. I wanted to take a moment to reply to your malicious and hateful posting that called me a liar, a scam and someone allegedly at odds with the very union whom appointed me and whom I also raise charitable contributions for. My posting here is also to give the poor souls whom had the misfortune of reading your errant posting the correct data so they may be informed of this wonderful museum. First off, it is clear that you read the false and malicious articles printed by a certain tabloid newspaper from last September; the same paper that was recently served with a lawsuit for saying such defamatory comments. That data concerning this suit was posted in last weeks Daily News. So, to begin with, you are correct - there are no "authorized" museums because the FDNY does not (nor the NYPD) endorse nor authorize any museums unless it is the FDNY Fire Zone. It is against FDNY and NYPD rules to "endorse" anything. The reason that so many 9-11 families have come to this touching museum, written letters of support, endorsed it in the Daily News and continue to come is because the museum is tasteful, it honors the dead, pays homage to the Recovery Workers -- and for four years I have been entrusted to "do the right thing." In four years of press/media worldwide on my work I have never had anyone write anything but praise simply because I have used tact and sensitivity from Day 1 at Ground Zero and it shows. The reason so many firemen, current and retired have come here and also volunteer here is because it is tasteful. The reason that my Barnes & Noble book was endorsed by so many respected FDNY is because it was tasteful and trust was earned at Ground Zero. I don't appreciate your defamatory comments, nor do the charities related to the FDNY and 9-11 that I raise money for. Perhaps in the future, you should quote "REAL" & respected news sources instead of tabloid papers whose name I cannot mention here. Perhaps mention quotes like "Intimate Images" by the Associated Press, "Rare Photos" by the New York Times, "Images Taken with a Heavy Heart" by CNN or "The Matthew Brady of the World Trade Center" & "Incredible" by FOX News, who made reference to the Civil War Collection. Or you could quote the FBI who said the collection "Touched Our Hearts" or you could simply log onto: and read the families testimonials along with respected members of the FDNY. You see, what you did by spreading such black propaganda is nothing short of criminal, just as that tabloid paper did who is about to be held responsible in court. What you did was try to manipulate the people who read your posting into believing that something constructive, created by many loving hands to benefit 9-11 charity is really something destructive, created by a liar and a scam artist. There is nothing like this museum in NYC and it fills a terrible void for those who wish to see what the "Recovery" was like but prior to our opening had no way to do so. Lastly, I was never at "odds" with the administration of the fire union who appointed me Official Photographer at Ground Zero. I have many signed letters of praise and endorsement from them, which you may also view on the website. YOU are the liar and YOU are the one scamming people who log onto a valuable search engine for NY Travel, thus depriving them of a museum they might otherwise have wanted to see. If you have so much hate, then seek therapy for that hate. But if you are simply someone who was misinformed with incorrect data, I hope that this correct data helps you.

September 11 and the trail of bruised emotions it left in its wake is a topic that must be handled very carefully. Throwing insults out randomly without thinking it through using the 9-11 backdrop is to tread heavily on emotionally dangerous waters. Using it to villanize anyone without having correct data is once again, criminal.


Gary Marlon Suson, Hon. Battalion Chief, FDNY
Curator, Ground Zero Museum Workshop
Official Photographer at Ground Zero, Uniformed Firefighters Association"

Schadenfrau replies:

"If my post is that much of a problem, I'm sure the Wired NY administrators or (as you boldly suggest) a court of law will take care of it.

I'm sure that most people smart enough to find their way to this site will also be clever enough to Google both of our points and work things out for themselves."


"P.S. I ask that you don't send me any more threatening private messages and wish you the best of luck on that acting career you mentioned."

Suson, unaware that the moderators can track private messages, attempts to claim that he never sent any private messages:

"Dear Schadenfrau:

No such messages were sent.

I see that despite being presented with all the data, you still will not alter/edit your post. As far as crediting yourself with a "point", as if you have one, I find that amusing. You have no point Schadenfrau, only hostility. There is only EVIDENCE and FACT in my "point", which you have been presented with so no one takes your "point" seriously as all you have written is a lie.

You were so inclined to post LIES about a beautiful museum that pays homage to September 11 victims yet you get angry when you are emailed a response in defense.

If you were a social person you would have said you were sorry and admitted you stood corrected; Intelligent and social people, when presented with FACTS, acknowledge their mistakes and correct them.

As far as your sarcastic well wishes to my acting career - I don't think you are sincere.

This museum was inspired by & modeled after the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Holland.

Why don't you go find a criminal and sink your teeth into them?

Leave the good guys alone.

(Aug. 28, 2005, ASSOCIATED PRESS STORY: "Anne Frank House Inspires New 9/11 Museum")


Enter the moderator "Zippy" who privately messages Suson and informs him that he has viewed the message Suson claimed not to have sent, and warns him to cease sending unwanted messages. Suson, acting like a 3 year old, messages Zippy and declares: "Lastly, I can and will email you whenever I like." Zippy cites this in the next post on the thread, to Suson:

Quote: Lastly, I can and will email you whenever I like,

No, you won't.

You have stated your argument. Any unwanted PMs, and you will be removed from this forum.

If you have any further issues with Shadenfrau, get yourself an attorney.

Zippy, of course, does not understand the mentality of a 3 year old: when disciplined, they do not understand their fate, and parrot the statements of those in authority. Suson is true to the script:


Please REMOVE Schadenfraus posting calling the museum and myself a liar and a scam and at odds with the union who placed me into my official position. You are aware now that is is false and I ask you to remove it from your travel site.


I ask you to please REMOVE this posting. Please let me know of your decision.

I would hope you would have issue with the derogatory posting of hers on March 7.


What Suson doesn't realize is that he has met his match. Zippy does some of his own research on Suson, and posts what he finds:

"Originally Posted by ablarc
Is there a rule on this forum about ad hominem attacks?

Yes there is.

Let's repeat the post in question:

Gary Suson, the man who runs that museum, is generally considered a liar and a scam artist. He has long been at odds with the Uniformed Firefighters Association for claiming that he was the FDNY's "official photographer," when there is no such title.

His "museum" is far from authorized.

As a public figure, no one is allowed to regard Mr Suson as a liar and scam artist? This is what Mayor Bloomberg had to say, as rerported in the Downtown Express:

"It's a disgrace to be honest," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a press conference prior to the museum's opening. "You know, there are always some sick people that are trying to exploit other people's tragedies, and I just don't want to give them any more publicity."

Is Mike Bloomberg named in your suit?

As for being at odds with the Uniformed Firefighters Association, this quote:

The General Counsel for the Uniformed Firefighters Association, Michael Block, said he sent Suson a cease and desist notice two weeks ago, asking him to stop calling himself the official photographer, since "he has no right to say that." The union doesn't have an "official photographer," and the only reason Suson is apparently making this claim is because he received a letter with a stamped signature of former union president Kevin Gallagher giving him the clearance to take photos at Ground Zero.

The last I heard, the NY Post has not retracted their statements, so the issue is in doubt.

As for the absurd claims you made in two PMs to me, stating

You have given this woman a voice yet have threatened to take mine away.

that is obviously not true. You have been given every opportunity to refute the information that Shadenfrau presented. I objected to your sending unwanted PMs and emails on this forum.

I gathered the information on the ambiguity of your position on the internet. It seems there are others, correct or incorrect, who have a negative opinion of you.

This forum is a vehicle for the free expression of ideas. Anyone visiting this thread would get both sides of the story, and are free to draw their own conclusions.

If you disagree, you may contact Edward, the owner/administrator of this site, but I am not deleting anything."

At this point, Suson either forgets his lawsuit's script, or attempts to do a knowing 180, as he claims:

"1.) I am not a "public figure"

2.) You have quoted our awesome Mayor as saying something about ME personally and/or this Museum when he never did. I do not see quotation marks from the great Mayor ANYWHERE around my name or my museum. He refers to "Them" and "People" because he does not know who I am nor was he referncing ME. He was asked most likely a generalized question about exploitation. My name nor the museum does not appear in quotes from him. No other news source reported these alleged comments except one tabloid paper.

3.) No, he is not being sued for anything.

4.) Regarding the quote from Michael Block, please log onto this links:
This is the downtown expresses retraction upon receiving letters from the union officials from 2001-2002 (Recovery Period) confirming my "Official Status" which has been documented for four years by The Times, CNN, FOX and AP. Mr. Block also said he had no interest in fighting this.

I have never claimed to be the 'official photographer' of the current fire unions, just the "Official Photographer at Ground Zero for the Uniformed Firefighters Association." It was a one-time title for while I shot there for them.

My official title has also been confirmed by the Daily News and the New York Post (twice in 2002). Here is the NY Post's articles confirming my title: http://www.groundzeromuseumworkshop....ges/nypost.htm

The only union officials that can speak with authority about what went on during my tenure as Official Photographer at Ground Zero are the officials that were in office during that period. Links are below to that effect.

Log onto a letter to the Associated Press from Manhattan Trustee Rudy Sanfilippo who was the trustee from the Recovery Period. He appointed me "Official Photographer" which was signed off on by both Union Presidents. (You will have to click the arrow a few times to get to his page) Here it is:

Then log onto the New York Times article, who first broke the story in 2002 of my work:

Then you may view the world wide Associated Press article, also fact checked in August, 2005 at:

Don't forget to review the letter of endorsement from the UFA and UFOA Presidents which was written solely for press/media when I was permitted to release the images in May of 2002: Michael Block was the same attorney for the union when these letters were drafted.

Next, you should view the donations page at:

Don't forget to log onto these 2 CNN Interviews from 2002, who also fact checked everything:

Then there is my Barnes & Noble book, whose lawyers fact checked everything before print. Here is alink to that book:

and lastly, view who, upon learning of all this false information printed by a certain tabloid paper (whom you are quoting here as a reliable news source) deleted all that was taken from that article and this new article was posted on February 3, 2006:

Don't forget the NY Daily News article on my being appointed Honorary Chief by the FDNY Commissioner: (a very rare honor in the department and seldom given)

..please also view the MSNBC article at:

Who are the "Others" that have a negative opinion? Please specify who "others" are as it's too vague.

You have presented yourself in your last entry as a bonafide investigative journalist who has done research, yet in all the many articles on myself that exist in search engines you have managed ONLY to come up with false and damaging information from ONE SOURCE who you are aware has been called into question, but you are inferring to readers you are just posting an opinion. I have now provided you with information and data refuting and calling into question what you wrote, so I ask you to remove this.

Thank You for your time. - GARY"

This is Suson's last post. He subsequently e-mails the site's founder "Edward" and threatens him with legal action. Edward responds by giving Suson the bum's rush... out the door!

If you've read the documents and analysis of Suson's suit against the NY Post, then you are well aware of the falsity of many of Suson's claims. But one matter was left unaddressed: Suson's claim that the remarks made by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the third article were not in reference to him. (Suson: "...he does not know who I am nor was he referncing ME")

Suson's claim is not true.

In his decision, the Honorable Judge Shlomo S. Hagler cites the testimony of NY Post writer and co-defendant Stephanie Gaskell as to her questioning of Mayor Bloomberg preceding the "MIKE RIPS SEPT. 11 'CUR'ATOR" article cited by Suson:

Stephanie Gaskell

"On September 1, 2005, Gaskell asked Mayor Bloomberg at a press conference the following questions regarding Suson:

Mayor - I'd like to ask this of you and the commissioner - and it's the question I asked you yesterday. This photographer that's claiming to be the official FDNY photographer. What's your reaction to this...?

Mayor Bloomberg answered:
It's a disgrace. I can answer for everybody. I don't know what you want - what you want us to say. It's a disgrace. You know, there are always some sick people that are trying to exploit others, other people's tragedies and I just never wanted to give them any more publicity. I think that makes it worse."
Mayor Bloomberg

NY Wired poster "Lofter" then followed up on Suson's financial claims, as, ironically, Suson himself suggested the site should do:

"Mr. Suson claims, on his museum website, to have donated various amounts to assorted charities:

The current Total of "donations" now shown is ~ $115,000.00

However, of that $115K Suson's own listing shows that $71,000 of those "donations" apparently went back into sustaining the Museum operations.

The single largest "donation" is for $25,000.00 and is shown to be for "time/service to document Ground Zero 7 months UNSALARIED 2001-2002".

Another two payments totalling $30,000.00 in 2005 were listed "to erect Ground Zero Museum Workshop", each showing that the purpose of same was to "help charity" / "raise charitable funds".

That leaves $44,000.00 that has been donated to assorted organizations.

While that amount was no doubt helpful to those who received it, the fact that less than 40% of the funds raised by Mr. Suson have been distributed to those in need (rather than being used to sustain Mr. Suson's own enterprise) raises numerous questions."

Testimony and other receipts have shown that, to date, Suson can document a mere $3000.00 total of actual charitable donations. Hence, Judge Hager, in his decision, declared the NY Posts claims that Suson had not delivered on his pledge to donate thousands of dollars to charity was "substantially true."

Next- Suson vs. Trip Advisor -->


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