The Mail Series

During the Discovery process of the lawsuit Gary Suson, a.k.a Gary Marlon Suson, -or- Marlon Suson brought (and lost) against William Wilson, the entire contents of Mr. Suson's and Mr. Wilson's e-mail correspondence was admitted into the record.

Hence, these e-mails, previously private, are now public record.

The following e-mail is a textbook example of what we consider to be a window into the wacky world of Gary Suson.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Gary Marlon Suson 
To: CartDesigns Tech Support 
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 8:48 AM
Subject: Fwd: Ridiculous

Bill - this is my lawyers response to my long email. 

Begin forwarded message:
From: Jared Lefkowitz 
Date: April 8, 2008 8:42:08 AM EDT
To: Gary Marlon Suson 
Subject: Re: Ridiculous

Do not go to the trouble of sending me the books. We
are not permitted to give to the appeals judges
anything more or less than what was given to the trial

--- Gary Marlon Suson  wrote:
I don't know if you noticed it. but I think it is an
OUTRAGE that the 
wrote that "Preamble" on my decision letter. How
DARE HE use my 
decision letter
to add a public service announcement. He lauds that
"These heroes, who 
their health and even their lives, deserve our
respect, admiration and 
What the hell? What am I? Excuse me, but I have not
worked a job due to 
problems since the Recovery ended in 2002. It is me
who has "Pulmonary 
(as documented/determined by physicians who worked
for the US Dept. of 
due to breathing in toxic chemicals at WTC. It is me
who spends every 
Wednesday in Long Island getting tested to allergies
including 8 major 
chemicals and getting IV vitamin drips - and it is
me that has to take 
allergy drops
under his tongue two times per day (via needle
syringes), 7 days per 
week from 25 separate glass antigen vials.
This is stuff that this judge has no clue about. His
very "Preamble" 
Jared separates "Gary Suson" from
the "Heroes." I don't wish to be known as a "hero."
However, I was at 
the WTC on 9-11, became gravely
ill due to chemical exposure, and I risked my life
to go back there for 
over 6 months to document the
Recovery. The judge speaks of the "tremendous human
toll for the 
families of the fallen victims" - the
again, this judge 
doesn't get who I am at all,
and even though I am convinced he was on the take
from someone, it was 
not clear enough
to him in the suit what my health status was nor my
life sacrifices in 
order to preserve a period
in history.

I will be getting you 6 copies of Requiem, one for
each Judge. Each 
appellate judge must have
a copy of my actual book in his hand. In addition,
these judges must be 
explained to in the appeal
my health status prior to and after the 9-11
attacks. In addition, I 
will need to prepare for you
a sample bio/paragraph on myself that is written
more point specific as 
to my health condition as it relates
to WTC. I would like for you to address in your
brief this "Preamble" 
as an example of this Judge's
ignorance/blindness/inappropriateness in handling
the decision. It is 
clear by the way he wrote this
that Gary Suson is not in the same league of those
that sacrificed 
their lives to help out in the wake of the 9-11

Lastly, a friend of mine has read the judge's letter
you sent me and I 
have some
very important feedback for you regarding your plan
of attack in the 
brief. I will call
you in the AM to discuss. Please don't rule out
bringing in the advice 
of colleagues to
help you prepare this brief - it's my last chance.
Please let me know 
if you have any issue
or concern over any of this. I want to be in good
communication with 
you from here
through the final decision. I know you are an
excellent legal writer, 
but I am also an excellent
writer - especially in conveying clearly & concisely
my situation and 
history. ONCE again, I want to
be more point specific on this one.


Images & Remnants from the Recovery
420 West 14th Street
New York City, NY 10014
(212) 924-1040

Jared M. Lefkowitz, Esq.
48 Wall Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10005
T (917) 887-3920
F (917) 591-8991
Images & Remnants from the Recovery
420 West 14th Street
New York City, NY 10014
(212) 924-1040
Gary Suson


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