Information on Gary Suson's My Space Page

Gary Suson's My Space Page

If you've read the various articles and documents on this site, you know that some may find that the founder of the Ground Zero Museum Workshop and the 9/11 website SeptemberEleven.net, Gary Suson, a.k.a Gary Marlon Suson, a.k.a Marlon Suson, can engage in some very odd behavior, to say the least.
But have you seen his latest creation: http://www.myspace.com/groundzeromuseumworkshop

In his homemade video on his My Space page, we see that Suson is still attempting to claim that he was the "Official Photographer at Ground Zero for the Uniformed Firefighters Association," a claim the Uniformed Firefighters Association and the presiding judge in the libel suit, the Honorable Shlomo Hagler, say is not true.

But Suson is working another side of the street here:

Note the picture, and his stated age: 27

The reality?

Gary Suson is actually in his late 40's (47), and this is a very old picture of him.

Add 20 years and at least 40 lbs for the real picture.

Odd behavior?

Well, that's up to you, the reader, to decide.

Gary Suson today

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