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Sent:                                    Monday, October 06, 2014 12:03 PM

To:                                        CartDesigns Tech Support


Subject:                                Hi Bill..




Dear Bill:


Hi, this is Gary Suson. How are you? Been a few years. Spoke to Terry, sorry to hear about your breakup.

I see you are home in Michigan now and hope all is well with you. Bill, I am writing concerning something

disturbing I have come across on the internet, a website called Cam Scam that you have erected and that

you are working hard to promote, surfing 9/11 chat rooms and blogs and promoting your handywork.


Bill, haven't you moved on from this? Are you still holding some kind of grudge towards me? This website

you have up is a crime, it is defamatory and humiliating to me and also to my beloved Museum, of which you

were once an employee. When the judge in Maryland handed down the decision that I was free to move forward

and sue you for Trespass to Chattells, I made a VERY big decision in my life: I let you go. I dropped it and decided

not to pursue it. I didn't want to bother with it as I believed you would let it all go and move on. My attorney was

quite alarmed at my decision. I told my attorney, "Bill probably feels bad about what he did and deep down I am

sure Bill is a good guy. I have seen the good side to Bill. I think I just hurt his feelings and he acted out - but I am

sure he feels bad about it. I think it's over."


Bill, I am very sorry if I hurt your feelings by asking you not to comment on my Museums's behalf in Chat Rooms

and Blogs in 2009- that wasn't my intention. However, I never expected you to react in the way you did. Perhaps had you

simply had a conversation with me and we had talked it out it would have been healthier than tampering with the

9/11 Museum website. I thought we were friends, no? Isn't that what friends do?


So, here we are in 2014 and you have put up another website, now comparing me to George Zimmerman? Wow, Bill,

that's not nice at all. This website is SO comprehensive Bill, as in you have committed a lot of time and energy to this,

right? What is your grudge, Bill? What is it that you are seeking? You want money? You want to be friends again? You

are angry? You want to hurt me? My Museum? How does a man SO patriotic suddenly flip and become SO hostile towards

a 9/11 Museum that honors the fallen? You even managed to put up a photo of me when I was very sick with Swine flu and

overweight, which is humiliating. Bill, I don't look like that anymore. I am a skinny guy and this website, content and imagery

is defamatory and needs to come down. I would appreciate it if you would bring these sites down by tomorrow, 5PM.


Trust me, the LAST thing I want to do is go back to court with you. It will cost us both a lot of money and I can guarantee

you that it will probably be picked up by the media and press if there's a lawsuit. Surely, there must be a better way for us to

resolve whatever anger issues you have with me, yes? You know me, Bill, when a wrong is committed, I seek legal recourse

and you know that I won't sit by idle and watch you defame me on the world wide web in front of my friends, family and work

colleagues, right?


None of this is healthy for me, Bill and with your heart condition I know it can't be healthy for you. So, please, let's find

a better way to handle this, ok? I am reaching out to you in the nicest and most sincere way possible. I am sure we can help each

other MORE by handling this like men than hurting each other in a courtroom like adversaries. Once again, I am sorry if I hurt

your feelings in 2009. 


I hope to hear back from you.


Kind Regards


Gary Suson

Ground Zero Museum Workshop