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There have been a number of articles and documents published about the Ground Zero Museum Workshop, the 9/11 website SeptemberEleven.net, and the book of photographs entitled "Requiem: Images of Ground Zero," as well as their founder and creator, Gary Suson, a.k.a Gary Marlon Suson, -or- Marlon Suson, as well as their history.
Test your knowledge and take the Gary Suson quiz.

1- Gary Suson was the "Official Photographer at Ground Zero for the Uniformed Firefighters Association."

   True     False

2- Gary Suson was the only photographer authorized to photograph the World Trade Center (WTC) Ground Zero recovery.

   True     False

3- Gary Suson won the prestigious "Kodak Medallion" award at age 17.

   True     False

4- Most of the funds raised by the Ground Zero Museum Workshop are donated to charity.

   True     False

5- Despite the controversy, New York is thrilled to be the home of the Ground Zero Museum Workshop.

   True     False


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